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Yasunari Maeda (Kitami Institute pf Technology )

Research Field

Knowledge Information Processing
Statistical Decision Theory


2005.10 Kitami Institute of Tchenology, Research Associate
2007.4 Kitami Institute of Tchenology, Assistant Professor
2010.10 Kitami Institute of Tchenology, Associate Professor

Research Achievement


Yasunari Maeda,A Note on Document Classification Methods with Small Training Data,IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems,vol.131, no.8, pp.1459-1466,2011

Yasunari MAEDA,Applying Makov Decision Processes to Selective-Repeat ARQ with Finite Operation Time and Finite Receiver Buffer,IEICE Trans. Fundamentals,vol.J93-A, no.8, pp.572-578,2010

Yasunari Maeda,The Optimal Algorithms for the Reinforcement Learning Problem Separated into a Learning Period and a Control Period,IPSJ Journal,vol.39, no.4, pp.1116-1126,1998

≪International Conference≫

Yasunari MAEDA,Applying Markov Decision Processes to Selective-repeat ARQ with Finite Receiver Buffer,2010 International Symposium on Multimedia and Communication Technology(ISMAC2010),pp.228-231, Manila, Philippines,2010

Yasunari MAEDA,Document Classification Method with Small Training Data,ICROS-SICE International Joint Conference 2009,pp.138-141, Fukuoka, Japan,2009

Yaunari MAEDA,A Note on Theoretical Limit of Type-I Hybrid Selective-repeat ARQ with Finite Receiver Buffer,Tenth International Symposium on Communication Theory and Application,,2009

Yasunari Maeda,A Note on Morphological Analysis Methods based on Statistical Decision Theory,SICE 2007 PROCEEDINGS,pp.1563-1568, Takamatsu, Japan,2007

Yasunari MAEDA,A Note on Spelling Correction Methods based upon Statistical Decision Theory,Proceedings of The 2006 International Symposium on Information Theory and Its Applications,pp.880-885, Seoul, Korea,2006


Yasunari MAEDA,A Note on Selective-repeat ARQ with unknown channel state,Proceedings of the 32th Symposium on Information Theory and its Applications,vol.32, no.2, pp.759-764,2009

Yasunari Maeda,A Note on Selective - Repeat ARQ with Unknown Block - Error Rate,Proceedings of the 31th Symposium on Information Theory and Its Applications,pp.1005-1010,2008

Yasunari MAEDA,A Note on Morphological Analysis with Misspellings,Proceedings of the 30th Symposium on Information Theory and Its Applications,pp.828-832,2007

Yasunari MAEDA,A note on estimation of states in HMM with unknown parameters,Proceedings of the 29th Symposium on Information Theory and its Applications,vol.29, no.2, pp.609-612,2006

Yasunari MAEDA,A Note on Multi-topic Document Classification Method Based upon Statistical Decision Theory,IEICE technical report,vol.105, no.665, IT2005-89, pp.147-152,2006

Yasunari Maeda,An Idea In The Field Of Markov Decision Processes With Unknown Transition Probabilities,IEICE technical report,vol.95, no.145, IT95-17, pp.25-30,1995

≪Graduation Thesis≫

Yasunari MAEDA,A Note on Markov Decision Processes with Unknown Parameters,graduation thesis of Waseda university,,1994

≪Master Thesis≫

Yasunari MAEDA,The Optimal Algorithms for The RL Prloblem Separated into a Learning Period and a Control Period,master thesis of Waseda university,,1996