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Research contents

Research Areas

Information theory deals with the information and communication mathematically. The theory originally developed to find fundamental limits on compressing and reliably communicating data. It contributes the invention of the compact disc, the feasibility of mobile phones, the development of the Internet. Recently, the theory is also applied to various areas, including statistical inference, bioinfomatics, cryptography and so on.

Source coding

Source coding is the process of encoding information using fewer bits than an unencoded representation. It is useful because it helps reduce the consumption of resources, such as hard disk space or transmission bandwidth. Encoding schemes usually exploit statistical redundancy which is potentially exists in most real-world data. The research about source coding is closely related to statistics, stochastic process, functional analysis, algorithmic theory and so on.

Error correcting code

Error correcting code is a technology of error control for data transmission, whereby the sender adds redundant data to its messages. This allows the receiver to detect and correct errors without the need to ask the sender for additional data. To design an efficient code, the knowledge about algebra and graph theory are required. Since the receiver should estimate the original data from noisy data, the knowledge about statistics and probability theory are required.

Information security

Information security means protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. It is essential technology to establish the secured network society. As an example of information security technologies, digital fingerprinting, which prevents the illegal redistribution of digital contents, attracts large attention. In addition, the information security technologies are needed in various scene of digital communications. To study the information security, the knowledge about algebra, number theory, complexity theory, information theory are needed. This research area is closely related to the research about Error correcting code.

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